The origin of “Uncle Papa” aka U.P.

Ok, I’ll start the stories….the rest of you please feel free to follow suit!

So, The term or nickname of Uncle Papa comes from Jimi’s daughter Megan. Jimi when speaking in the third person to Meg would call himself Papa. He would say things like “Papa’s gonna get his SHOES and his KEYS and go home now” and Meg would get up and stand by the door so Papa couldn’t leave without her. That was only if she couldn’t get the keys before he did……So when Willie and I adopted Boris, Jimi automatically became “Uncle Papa”. When I informed him of his new name he laughed and smiled…..It stuck like glue!  When he took the trips to California and Florida and back to California we changed his name to U.T.P or Uncle Travlin Papa…..

And That’s the story 🙂

Up next: the origin of Hugh Janus 🙂 (maybe)

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