7th Grade McDonald’s Run-Jimi Style

I have a great story about Jimi  that most of you, if not all,  probably never heard. Jimi and I went to school together since elementary.  When we were in 7th grade Jimi came and picked me up at my house in a car, block on the accelerator and all, and we went to McDonald’s. I don’t remember what I ordered.  I think we then went to school but I have no idea how he got that car home.  It was one of my favorite adventures as a youth.  Jimi will always be remembered by me as an adventurer.  Another character trait that Jimi always possessed was his passion for life.  It didn’t matter what was going on Jimi always had that impish smile and  “wild at heart” spirit.  I will miss him and I will continue to pray for your family
Dave Pyper


  1. Thank you so much Dave, please let everyone else know about this site, my family would love to hear all the stories about JIMI. Oh and that was my car he did that in.

  2. Believe me Dave, that story has received lots of laughs over the years with our family. I just didn’t know who was with him. As we know, Jim continued his passion for life in many different circles and wore that “impish” smile proudly. He will be forever in our hearts.

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