Instructions for writing a post

Hi everyone,

I wanted to make some instructions up to make it easier to post to this website. First of all the term “Post” means to put a story or some information on here. The “Comment” link at the end of each post is to write a comment about that particular post. Ok, so now that we have that settled let’s move on! If you’re not registered please do so because you have to be registered and logged in to post. On the main page (the one with the yin yan logo on the top) on the left side in the menu area click the link that says “Site Admin”. The page that comes up will have a link to “Write a post”, click it. Add a short title in the box labeled “Title” and then type your message/story/information in the box below that. Pick (from the list on the right) the correct catagory to file your post under. If you’re not finished but need to stop just click save. (Note: clicking save closes the current post and it will appear in a box above where you were typing and you will have to re-open it.) If you want to just save it and continue click the button labeled “Save and Continue Editing”. when you’re all done or at least done enough for the time being, click publish and it will be posted on the front page and also in the category that you chose.

To get back to the main page you can click (in the blue bar at the top of the page) “View Site”

If you want to edit any story/post that you wrote there will be an “Edit” link under your own posts.

I’ll do an instruction page for pictures soon too!


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