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I am one of Jimi's sister, I was 3 years older than him, we went to high school together. Jimi was not only a great brother, uncle, but he was also a great friend.

getting better

On Feb. 18 Mom will be gone for 8 years. I understood why god took her and I understood why god took Dad, but its been 1 1/2 years since god took you. I still don’t understand WHY? They say it takes time, but why do I still cry everyday. I could of understood, if you left in any other way.  But there is always a daily reminder of you, then the tears.  So many times I have wanted to call, and tell you something, then reality hits.  Well Just wanted to write, so people know it’s not getting better. It’s not worse either. It’s like a stand still, wont go forward and it wont go back.  Tell MOM and DAD Hi and give them a hug, I MISS YOUR HUGS!!!!!!!!!!


What I remember is JIMI always gave great HUGS. When ever he was leaving he always made a point to shake your hand or always gave you a hug which meant he loved you.