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Everything reminds me of you in some way!

Listening to wedding music reminds me of you. Watching your cats reminds me of you. Spending time at the maisons house reminds me of you. Eating apple annies reminds me of you. Going to the dojo reminds me of you. Eating birthday cake reminds me of you. Looking at my angel reminds me of you. Thinking of good things reminds me of you. Reading about health foods reminds me of you. A beautiful day like today reminds me of you. As you can see EVERYTHING reminds me of you.

Happy to tell you that we finally made it to visit your amazing headstone on your birthday 🙂 It truly is beautiful just like you!

We went to church recently too! You should be proud of us.

Hoping that you will make more great things come our way, like you have been lately!

Just wanted to drop in and say: I miss you and love you EVERYDAY!

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday Jimi, You know that you are loved and missed every single day. Your life on Earth was cut short, but I know you are happy and content  up in Heaven. 49 yrs ago today a child was born. He became a beautiful, caring and loving human being that I wish I was alot like you were. I miss you sooo much sometimes I have to push myself to function without your motivation and witt to push me. Lloyd does a great job but there is still a giant hole in my heart from missing  the beautiful person you were and are. Hope you a entertaining all the other souls there in heaven.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY JIMI! Love your sister#6 Wilma


Happy Birthday to an amazing man! That we miss everyday.

But I wanted you to know that we love you and we wish you a very awesome birthday with whoever you are spending your day with!  Hope its a gorgeous day so we can remember you and do something special on your day in honor of you!

The First Time I Met Jimi


is Jeff Brown, a co-worker of Jimi’s.
I can assure you all that ALL of us who work with Jimi found him to a wonderful
person to be around. As I stated earlier, Jimi and I hired in to the plant on
the same day. We had 3 weeks of classroom training before we were able to even
see the plant floor. I knew from the first day of training that he had a great
sense of humor. There were about 50 of us in the same room. Where Jimi was
sitting, there was an empty seat between him and the next person. We all had to
write our names on a name tent and sit it in front of us. Jimi came up for a
name of a person in the empty seat. He wrote down the name HARVEY (as in the old
jimmy Stewart movie) and placed the tent in front of the seat. As the days went
on, we had several different speakers come in to talk to us about the plant.
Every one of them would ALWAYS ask were Harvey WAS. (Keep in mind that none of us ever
met before). We all looked at Jimi to hear the excuse of Harvey ’s absents.  Jimi
NEVER failed to make the whole room start laughing. He kept us entertained all
through the training classes.

all miss the “little bastard“ (that was the nickname some of his co-workers
gave him, just because of the crazy stories he would tell us.)

I am
sure he is looking down on all us just grinning from ear to ear wanting to tell
us something crazy! And I for one can’t wait to hear what he has to


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Forever in my Heart

When I got the phone call stating you were gone… I couldn’t believe it. I couldn’t imagine life with out you. It seemed so un-real!

I still to this day can’t believe it and still can’t imagine life without you. It still seems un-real!

I can not believe its been two years since I saw you last.

The really crazy thing about it is yesterday was the last time I saw you (2 years ago) and I was doing the same thing I did the night I saw you last. Watching the wings game and doing homework/something like that. It was like it was deja vu but without you.

The 2 years have flown by and yet time has stopped making each day go by slow. If that makes any sense.

I pray that you are proud of all of us. I hope that you are watching over all of us. I know your with us always.

I know that I miss you every single day. I think about you every single day. While your cats our cuddling with me… its hard not to think about you.

You were such an amazing man/person/friend/uncle! I cherish every minute I have spent with you.

RIP Uncle Jimi

With love always, Krystal

2 years since we lost our beloved brother

Jimi, it has been 2 years today since your life was taken from us.  I know that your spirit lives on with everyone that you knew and loved.  It is still very hard to believe you are not with us only in our hearts and the wonderful memories you left us.  Jimi I miss each and every day and I have this big hole in my heart since you were taken from us.  I know that you are in peace and I hope by now you are the choir director in heaven.  I wish I had the strength to be like you my sweet Jimi.  I want to see the best in people like you did and enjoy every part of my life like you did (but I have lost that part of me when we got word on 5/12/09 that were not with us any longer).  You had such strong faith I know you were taken right to heaven and were greated by all that loved you when they were still on earth.  I need to find the faith and strength you had with life and I am having a great deal of trouble finding it.  I feel stuck and can’t move forward.  I pray I am not disappointing you with my actions and attitude because I know you would have dusted yourself off and went on.  You are my hero with life and you truly lived it to the fullest.  You will always be with me and I hope some day I will get some understanding why of all people you were chosen to return home and be with mom and dad and everyone else that you were so truly loved by.  My sweet loving brother may you be in peace (which I know in my heart that you are) and please entertain all of the angles in heaven with your wonderful sense of humor and your beautiful singing voice.  I will cherish the time we had together and pray that when it is my time to come home I will be joining you in heaven for eternity.  I will love you my brother and I will never forget the Jimi that made his mark on earth and on everyone you came in contact with.  I am very proud to say I was blessed with you as my brother.  I love you forever.  Your loving sister Debbie.

Two years on….

Well, it’s been two years now since Randy and Calvin made the decision to take Jimi’s life. I sit and wonder “Why?”  Why would someone do this? How could someone do this? Was it because he had something that they wanted? Why didn’t they say something to him? Why didn’t you ask (or tell) him to get out of his car that you apparently wanted to have so bad? Why did you just pull the trigger? Why did a man who worked and earned everything he had have to meet up with the likes of you two? What gives you the right?

These questions and hundreds more go through my head on a daily basis. I think I’ll publish your answers in your own words on this site for all the world to see!

NOTE: The following is a direct copy of the signed confessions of the murderers.


Q. Do you understand your Constitutional rights?
A. Yes

Q. Do you know what you have been arrested for?
A. Yea

Q. Who were you arrested with today?
A. Calvin

Q. How long have you known Calvin?
A. Years (Illegible)

Q.  What happened tonight on W. Warren?
A. I was trying to take a car from a guy’ I tried to open the door but they were locked, the guy tried to drive off, I fired two times through the drivers window, the guy drove off. I ran, the police found me in some bushes.

Q.  What kind of gun did you have?
A. A 9mm, it was black.

Q. Did you have on gloves at the time of the shooting?
A. No.

Q. Did you have a mask on at the time of the shooting?
A. Yes, a black mask, skull cap with eyes cut out.

Q. Did you mean to shoot the guy?
A. No Sir.

Q. What did he look like?
A. White guy, It happened so fast.

Q. What color mask did Calvin have on?
A. A white one.

Q.  What type of gun did Calvin have?
A. He didn’t have one.

Q. Did Calvin have gloves on?
A. No.

Q. What were you going to do with the S.U.V.?
A. Take it to the chop shop.

Q. How close were you when you fired the gun at the S.U.V.?
A. Four to five feet.

Q.  Did you touch the S.U.V.?
A. Just the drivers door handle.

Q.  Did Calvin touch the S.U.V.?
A. He didn’t do anything.

Q.  Did you say anything to the guy in the S.U.V.?
A. I didn’t get a chance.

Q. Did Calvin say anything to the guy in the S.U.V.?
A. No.

Q. How did you get to W. Warren St.?
A. Calvin drove there from his house on Whitfield.

Q. Are you sorry about what happened tonight?
A. Yes, He probably had a family, I didn’t mean for this to happen.

Q. Were you given an opportunity to read this statement and make any changes?
A. Yes.

Q. Is there anything you would like to add?
A. I’m sorry, I Apologize to his family, it was a mistake, it went wrong.


Q. Do you understand your constitutional rights?
A. Yes.

Q. Do you understand why you are under arrest?
A. Yes.

Q. Who is the person you were arrested with?
A. Randy.

Q. How long have you known Randy?
A. Nine years.

Q. What happened tonight on W. Warren?
A. We left my house on Whitfield, Drive I-96 to Southfield to Warren where I hung a left we went 2-3 blocks turned right & parked my car, I asked Randy if this was were his girl lived (Thats were we were going) Randy said no, I don’t want my girl to see your car, he said we were going to walk a few blocks over. We walked back to Warren turned left, kept walking over the freeway. After about 8 more blocks we he walked to a parking lot, Randy veered off towards a black mini truck / S.U.V. crossover, looks like a Pacifica, the truck was running, Randy walked up to the drivers side door. Randy pulled out a black handgun from his right side, pointed it at the drivers side of the truck & fired two times, the truck took off, Randy started running, I followed him. We jumped about 5 fences & hid behind a garage. I saw flashlights next door, we moved to the side of a white garage. The flashlights left, then came back, we were hiding in some bushes. The police found us with the K-9 & arrested us.

Q. Did you see what happened to the gun that Randy had?
A. No.

Q. Did you touch the gun?
A. No, never.

Q. How many times did Randy fire the gun?
A. Twice.

Q. Did Randy say anything to the occupant of the black S.U.V. crossover?
A. No sir.

Q. Did you say anything to the occupant of the black S.U.V. crossover?
A. I wassn’t that close.

Q. Did either of you toutch the black S.U.V. crossover?
A. I didn’t, I don’t think Randy touched the truck.

Q. How far were you from the black crossover when the shots were fired?
A. About 15-20 yards.

Q. How far was Randy from the vehicle when he shot?
A. Close enough to open the door.

Q. Did you handle that gun that Randy fired at anytime tonight?
A. Never.

Q. Did you know Randy had the handgun on him?
A. No.

Q. How many masks were found with you and Randy when you were arrested?
A. Two, I don’t remember what color.

Q. Did you have any gloves with you?
A. I had my cream colored work gloves in my coat pocket. I heard one of the officers say Randy had gloves in his pocket.

Q. Were you given a chance to read this statement & make any corrections or changes?
A. Yes.

Q. Do you have anything you would like to add?
A. No.

I don’t know what else I can say at this point?


Memorial Services

Thanks to Dee there will be two masses in remembrance of Jimi at:

Our Lady of the Woods
21892 Gudith
Woodhaven, MI 48183

May 17,  at 6:00
June 21,  at 6:00


Yesterday was the best day of my life thus far…. and you were not here! I know you were in the room with us and that you hugged us right after. I know that you are happy for us and will be there every step of the process. BUT its not the same.

Another event that we need you at and you will not be at! Its so unfair!

I wish that you could sing for us at our wedding and for mel & ray at theirs! A cd of your voice just isn’t good enough! But at least we have that 🙂

I love you and miss you everyday!


Jimi, Well it is our aniversary and again you are not here to celebrate with us. I miss you so much and I love you. Wish you were here. I’m workin at Dearborn truck now, and I go by Warren exit every single day. I think of the night you were murdered and I try not to cry but its hard. You were and are my best friend. Well enough with that, I know you are at peace. Tell Mom and Dad I said hi and I miss them also. I think of you every day about all the things in your life that you accomplished. I wish I was as compassionate and thoughful as you were. We love you and miss you.  Love Wilma sister# 6