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On Feb. 18 Mom will be gone for 8 years. I understood why god took her and I understood why god took Dad, but its been 1 1/2 years since god took you. I still don’t understand WHY? They say it takes time, but why do I still cry everyday. I could of understood, if you left in any other way.  But there is always a daily reminder of you, then the tears.  So many times I have wanted to call, and tell you something, then reality hits.  Well Just wanted to write, so people know it’s not getting better. It’s not worse either. It’s like a stand still, wont go forward and it wont go back.  Tell MOM and DAD Hi and give them a hug, I MISS YOUR HUGS!!!!!!!!!!

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By Barb-sister5

I am one of Jimi's sister, I was 3 years older than him, we went to high school together. Jimi was not only a great brother, uncle, but he was also a great friend.


  1. I completely agree Aunt Barb! It is easier to know that someone is going to leave you due to health problems, their age, etc. Maybe even a car accident would be easier then this. But the way this happened, makes it very hard to understand. It does not feel like he is gone. And our lives are stuck in a stand still mode.

  2. Barb and Krystal you are so right about how hard it is on us and that we are stuck in a stand still mode. But we have to try and go on for Jimi’s sake. He would want us to be happy. So on St. Patrick’s Day everyone in the family is to do the Irish Jig in honor of Jimi. He never missed a beat at Auto Alliance with his Irish Jig. It is kind of comical that Jimi could do the Irish Jig and he was polish. But as far as Jimi was concerned he had a little bit of everything in him so he could join in any group he wanted to.

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