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  1. YOu know what I really Loved was JIMI had the bestest hugs.
    He always made sure he went around to everyone and either shook there had or made sure he hugged you, with that special hug. I still have a really difficult time believing he is even gone.

  2. I’ve been around Uncle Jimi aka Uncle Papa on so many different occasions. It was a frequent sunday thing for both of us to be at the maison’s house eating dinner and getting dairy queen. So I have a lot of different stories and memories of him and his amazing character.
    One of my favorites things about Uncle Jimi is his sense of humor. Besides him being one of the nicest people I’ve ever met, he was one of the funniest. He loved comedy. He loved laughter. He said lame little jokes and loved doing it. He would always have some type of comeback or saying that would make you laugh hysterically. He brightened your day (that way).
    That is one thing that I will surely miss but never forget.
    Sunday nights aren’t the same. Watching movies and listening to music is hard. Two things he truly loved, something we both have in common.
    I just wanted to share with everyone how much Uncle Jimi, Uncle Papa and or Uncle Traveling Papa (which ever name you prefer) made me laugh. Also how much he meant to me.

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