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James Moenaert    06/21/1962 – 05/11/2009

Debbie – June 12th, 2009
Bobbie, Fran, JoAnn, Butch, Barbara, Wilma I just want to tell all of you that it’s not right to have only 7 of us instead of 8. I can speak for myself it seems to get harder every day to really believe that we lost Jimi. I think of all of you every day and pray that the hurt we all feel will ease in time but right now it hurts more than 5/13/09. I really miss Jimi and his wonderful personality. I truly believe he is smiling down on all of us including nieces, nephews, brother in-laws, sister in-law and friends. Jimi impacted so many lives that is overwhelming how far Jimi spread himself for such a short man and a short life. Jimi you will always be a GIANT in my eyes and my heart. Jimi truly left a mark on earth that will never be forgotten. I pray that Jimi is in peace and that Jimi knows how much all of us miss and love him.

Your loving sister

Sist,Karen – June 9th, 2009
My thoughts and prayers go out to Jimmys loving family, I have not seen Jimmy since High school but have MANY great and funny memories,he will be missed.

Shannon Kuchinski – June 9th, 2009
Uncle Jimmy I am sorry it took me so long to write on your guestbook page. I miss you more each day. You had a beautiful soul. I never have met anyone else who always was happy and upbeat. My children miss you and we all cry over you being gone. Look down from heaven and smile on the whole family because we all need it. We will always love you. Love Shannon

Vicki Martinez – June 9th, 2009
Wilma, Lloyd and family, my deepest sympathies are with you at this time. my love and prayers to you for healing and peace. wish i could have been there in person but am in spirit.
love to all,
Lloyd’s sister

Jairo Leon – June 9th, 2009
My deepest condolences on the loss of Jimi. What I will miss most about Jimi will be his contagious personality and a generous heart. He was a pillar of the community and the only thing that will outweigh his good actions and kindness is the amount of people that will miss him.

Shurkus, Danielle – June 9th, 2009
Jim was a life long friend of mine. I sang with him in the Our Lady of the Woods choir for about 3-4 years. Then, I moved away but everytime I came back to visit he always greeted me with a hug, a smile and some kind of joke or story. There was never a dull moment with him there, so many jokes and laughs during practices. He was a beautiful person who could always brighten your day. I will never forget you, Jim.

Bob Beaupre – June 9th, 2009
Jim will be missed dearly by everyone who ever met him, I know he is in a better place now singing like an angel as he did here on earth. Both Rene’ and myself will always treasure the times we had with Jim. Our prayer’s go out to the family.

Heather Moses – June 9th, 2009
I have been having a hard time trying to figure out how to say the right thing about Uncle Jimi. I can’t possibly say how great he was as well as some of the other people who’ve written.
So I’d just like to share a memory.I was about 13 and had just moved to Tennessee the year before. The school year was rough and I did not fit in there. It was tough.
Uncle Jimi came to visit us that summer and spent about a week. There was one time when he was driving us somewhere and this song came on that he liked. It had a ‘breakdown’ part in the middle.
Uncle jimi was singing along to it even though it was by a girl group. When the ‘breakdown’ part came on he stopped the car and opened the door, got out and ran around the car singing, waving his arms and smiling all at the same time. It was hilarious.At that moment he was living life how he wanted. Singing a song and being silly because he enjoyed both of those and cheering us up because he cared.
Afterward he got back in the car and drove off like nothing had happened.He never worried about what people thought. He lived how he wanted and definitely lived for the moment. He truly cared about people and made a point to try to make others happy.He was one of the really good people out there and I only hope that I can live my life following his example.

Sandy Sanno – June 9th, 2009
My heartfelt sympathy to the Moenaert Family. I am Jimi’s co-worker at Auto-Alliance, and find it hard that God needs Jimi more than we do, what a tragic and senseless loss. We all must be strong, that is what Jimi would want. Remember his smiles, the beautiful songs from his heart, his love for life and the love for his family and friends. Find your true love in heaven Jimi, ride her into the sunset on your Harley while both of you are eating a chocolate bar. I will miss you my friend…….

Leis Curtiss – June 9th, 2009
My prayers are with Jimi’s family. I rememebr Jimi from High School, he was so sweet and funny.You will be missed Jimi. Leis

Heidi Ward – June 9th, 2009
I wanted to write something eloquent and beautiful – perfect, but nothing ever seems to say enough. So instead I decided to just write the biggest thoughts in my mind.In the past few days, there’ve been a lot of stories told. They’ve almost always ended with a lot of laughter, because that just how it was with Uncle Jimi. At times, I’ve felt guilty to be able to laugh at all right now, and my boyfriend (who, unfortunately only got to meet him a few times) said to me that as cliché as it sounds that Uncle Jimi would want us to be able to still be happy. And I believe that’s true. Because he so clearly loved life.What I will take from Uncle Jimi are two attributes that I hope I can achieve in myself – generosity of the spirit and an optimistic approach to life.Uncle Jimi was one of the most honestly giving people I knew. He helped people out simply because he cared and wanted to help, not for any thought of repayment or to impress others. He said to me once about some money he lent, “they promised to pay it back, and that’s good, but I honestly don’t really care if they do. I love them and I just wanted to help out how I could.”I’m lucky to have had him come to visit me a few months back in New York. (He really tried to make time for his loved ones.) New Yorkers get a bad rap about being unfriendly, but Uncle Jimi really proved that wrong…by talking to everyone. Everyone! And sometimes it was lame (bad jokes) and sometimes it was silly fun (like playing the Beatles out loud on his phone until the conductor made him stop because he told the lady next to us that he’d just learned how to use it and she was also a Beatles fan) Everyone appreciated him, all these random strangers. Because he was nice to everyone, because he *wanted* to like everyone. He was optimistic about people, like he was optimistic about life.No one is always happy. And I know that Uncle Jimi also wasn’t. He told me there were times he wasn’t, but he *chose* to be happy, because he wanted to be. He was optimistic about life. And because of that, he embraced the chance to make every experience special. And that is what I’ll always take with me, the reminder to make sure I appreciate life, and share that appreciation with those that we love – and to love easily.

Gaylene Todd – June 9th, 2009
With deepest sympathy for the loss of such a beautiful life.

James Honoway – June 9th, 2009
The news of Jimi’s senseless taking has darkened our usual blue skies. Jimi had that “Blue Sky” philosophy which he instilled into all who interacted with him throughout his life.
Our families have been so close in the past, he felt like a brother to me. I’m confident others would have been delighted to claim him as their friend, brother, nephew, Uncle, and the like.
I would like to express my heartfelt sorrow to Jimi’s entire family, and to the many friends who he made during his lifetime.

Dan Wirtz – June 9th, 2009
My condolences to Jimi’s family. This is a terrible loss for everyone who ever met him , because once you met jimi you were a friend.He was a caring, and loving person who lived life to the fullest.I am thankful for meeting him and also for him loving Krystal like she was his niece. The memories are what is left and they are awesome memories of a guy who lived life and shared his love generously. We have lost a true “GEM”. My thoughts and prayers are with the family now and forever. Dan Wirtz

Clara Falzone – June 9th, 2009
My prayers are with Jim’s family at this time of sorrow. Jim was a great person, with always a kind word. I only had the pleasure to work with Jim in a few concerts. He has a great voice, and I’m sure that he will be singing in a choir in Heaven.

Penny & Bob LaFreniere – June 9th, 2009
Jimmy always gave a person whatever they needed — a shoulder to lean on, an ear to listen or a gentle push in the right direction. Sometimes he gave you what you needed before you realized you needed it. That is how special & unique he was. There will definitely be a void in many lives without Jimmy there. He’ll be missed forever and loved always. God bless the people he left behind.

Kathy DuHame – June 9th, 2009
I remember Jimi very fondly from high school. My youngest brother, Mark, also worked with Jimi at Mazda and they car pooled together for quite a while. I will keep your whole family in my prayers.

HARLEY MAN – June 9th, 2009

Tom & Kim Kustak – June 9th, 2009
Our hearts are deeply saddend with the loss of Jimi. Like many others, we struggle to find answers for his tragic death. We pray for the family and friends that mourn for strength and understanding. We have many fond memories that we hold dear in our hearts. God bless

Kathy Curatolo – June 9th, 2009
Lord, we cannot possibly understand the times it appears that evil wins on this earth. But I believe the size of the sacrifice is a clue to the size of the blessing that will come from it. This is such a cruel, senseless loss that I can only imagine what miracle God has planned to bloom from it. I pray that all who knew and loved Jimi will witness God’s glorious work accomplished through this tragedy. Jimi, I look forward to joining your choir one day. I know heaven is a better place with you in it. Blessings, peace, and comfort to the Moenaert family.

Jim, Mary LaRue & family – June 9th, 2009
Our thoughts and prayers are with ‘Jimi’ and the entire family. Such a tragic event such a tragic loss.

Rosie Owen – June 9th, 2009
My Lord, My God, I won’t understand till I get to heaven why you took such a wonderful friend, a man who loved his family dearly, and a vessel for You to let Your light shine. Jim’s smile and laugh was infectious. He always was there to listen and talk; but would also offer a prayer. I stood up in his wedding and will miss him dearly. My sympathies to the family and friends that are left behind. I know this earth will not be the same without him; however I know Jim is singing and dancing with the angels in heaven!!! With my love, Rosie Owen, Friends Forever Thru Christ.

Pat Butler – June 9th, 2009
I worked with Jim in 07-08 in our religious education program at Our Lady of the Woods. I was the director at that time. When Jim first came to me to volunteer he was very sure he wanted to be a catechist but was concerned about whether or not he could do it. He readily took on a 7th grade class with an experienced catechist. There were a number of times that she could not make it because of her work. Jim was always there, always smiling and more than willing to share his faith with the students. He did not have an easy time of it, first year catechists rarely do, but at the end of the year he told me he would come back again if his work schedule allowed him to do so. He would not give up and I give him a lot of credit for that.
I will miss his ready smile and his willingness to help in any way he could. He was a real sweetheart and will be greatly missed at Our Lady of the Woods.

Matthew Moses – June 9th, 2009
I wish I knew you longer and I wish my children would be able to experience what an amazing person you were. You will always be spoken of fondly and remembered for what a wonderful person you were. I’m sorry I couldn’t be there to pay my respects, but I always did respect you and always will.

Catherine Riggs – June 9th, 2009
My God, my God…what were you thinking? We’re not done with Jim yet!! We need his infectious smile…we need his zest for life….we need his wonderful, deep, rich voice to sing your praises at Our Lady of the Woods…..Lord, I know that you know why you brought Jim home, but, for the record, we weren’t ready to let go of him yet. I didn’t even know his name until today. I just knew that we often smiled at each other, and hugged each other when we left Mass, and shared a thought or two about how amazing our loving God is. He knew he was yours, Lord, as do I. Know that he was well loved and will be sorely missed. My heart and prayers go out to everyone who was blessed to know Jim….by name or just by loving action.

Tom Moenaert – June 9th, 2009
Jim was a great person. He was very friendly and family oriented.he was the kind of person who could brighten your day.He will be missed by all who knew him.

Joyce (Curlett) Marahrens – June 9th, 2009
My deepest sympathy to the entire Moenaert family. My thoughts and prayers are with you all during this very difficult time.

Nancy (Barden) Kastler – June 9th, 2009
I am so sorry for your loss, was quite a shock.
I went to grade school and High School with Jimmy. I remember us playing tag and going for walks forever.I give my condolences for the Henry ford class of 1980.

Steve and Judy Keough – June 9th, 2009
With our deepest sympathy,
Our thoughts are of you,our prayers are for you,and our hearts are with you.
You were such a good friend.I will miss you always.
Rest In Peace My friend. Steve and Judy

Barbara (Roegner) Bryant – June 9th, 2009
I am so sorry for your loss. I went to school with Jimi and he was always smiling. Take care and God Bless.

gary foote – June 9th, 2009
Uncle Jimi i remember watching you do martial arts and also sparring with you what a blast i had. I also remember you punching the wall at the karate school and leaving a dent in the wall. I remember you at the barbques we had at my house and at Wilmas house.Now that you are gone you will truley be missed by my family and espacially your family. You were the baby brother and angel. You were one of my best friends. I know we were friends but the way you acted you seemed like an uncle to my.R.I.P Uncle Jimi God Bless you will truley be missed and keep singing with the angels.Gary Foote

Albert Pace – June 9th, 2009
This is such a tragedy and my thoughts and prayers go out to the Moenaert family. Jimmy has left a lasting imprint on everyone’s life that he touched. Jimmy was a lot of things to many people. To me he was a great person and truly down to earth. Take care bud.Albert Pace (AAI)

Thomas Chapaton – June 9th, 2009
We are sorry for your loss. Natalie and Thomas Chapaton

Phil – June 9th, 2009
To the Moenaert family….I knew Jim for only two years and consider myself lucky. What a great brother you have. The whole world should have the positive, fun attitude that Jim displays. I know that Jim will be missed by all….but it is a good feeling knowing that he is up above looking down on us.

Garnet Wooten – June 9th, 2009
Keeping all of you in our thoughts and prayers. Mom (Aunt Boots) sends her love and is praying that you all are given the strength to get through this terrible tradegy.

Karen(Pitts)Williams – June 9th, 2009
My prayers to the Family. I went to High School with Jimmy. He was a joy to be around. He will be missed. I will remember his smile and the way he could make everyone smile. Karen(Pitts)Williams.

Joann Jenkins – June 9th, 2009
My Prayers goes out to all of Jimmi’s family and friends. I’ve work with Jimmi and knew him from Auto Alliance.We will miss him but I know he’s up in heaven looking down on all of us with that big smile he always had on his face.

Karen Nelson – June 9th, 2009
My deepest sympathies to the Moenaert family for your loss.
You are in my thoughts and prayers.
Karen Nelson

Frannie (sister) – June 9th, 2009
The angels are all rejoicing because you’ve gone to join them. Gentle spirit, sweet soul oh how lucky and happy they are…We have been left behind heart broken and sad and yet I am happy knowing you are in such a wonderful place. I hope to join you sometime in the future…I loved you and will always love you
“precious baby brother”

Jackie Thompson – June 9th, 2009
I am a coworker of Jimmies. My heart is broken! Jimmie was a ray of sunshine at work. He was a kind and loving person He was always there to help someone in need. I believe we are put on this earth to serve the Lord. Our reward is to be taken back home to our Father. Jimmie has been rewarded for all the good he has done. God has called his Angel home It is so hard for us left behind but I find peace in knowing that one day I will see that great big beautiful smile again when the Lord takes me home. Thanks for all the wonderfull memories. I love you jim

Blair McFarlane – June 9th, 2009
You were a great friend and co-worker and will be missed greatly.

Tim – June 9th, 2009
Uncle Jimi….you will be deeply missed by everyone you came in contact with. Just reading these messages from all of your friends and family is a true sign of how great you were. Singing, dancing, laughing, caring, loving…letting me and my brother pick you up for fun, taking my brother and I to Stoney Creek…being the cool, young Uncle that all of the neices and nephews wanted to be around…If it wasn’t for you and cousin Tim, our “Oh Mandy” performance would have bombed….thats what I will remember.You never think anything like this will ever happen to anyone you know…I can’t understand it. I never will. I wish I could say the right thing to take away the pain for everyone…Maybe Grandma and Grandpa are arguing in heaven and they needed your help. You will be missed Uncle Jimi.

Robert Mcgee – June 9th, 2009
I worked with Jimi ar AAI. It’s truly a gift to work with someone with such s good sense of humor, and Jimi was truly goofy. We are all very sad at work for his passing. I’m going to miss him.

Mandi – June 9th, 2009
Uncle Jimi, where do I begin. You were the ray of sunshine in our family. Our angel on earth. You had a way of making any situation better. Your smile will be forever engraved in my memory along with the last time we all got to hear you sing so beautifully, at my wedding. I thank God we had that last hoorah with you. My only regret is not having that wonderful memory recorded for us to look back on. I love you with all my heart and miss you terribly. Rest in peace, keep grandma and grandpa from bickering like you alway did. Keep singing your beautiful songs and smiling down on us, we need that now more than ever. I love you. Your niece, Mandi

lou balazsi – June 9th, 2009
rest in peace bro.

Ray Ray – June 9th, 2009
i will always miss Uncle Jimi. He was not actually my uncle but i will always think of him as my uncle. I will always remember the first time i ever met Uncle Jimi, he was on all fours playing with the dogs. He was one of the nicest and most caring people i have ever met and probably will ever meet. He was the type of person that would talk to anyone even if he did not know them. He made the world a better place and he will be forever missed

Phyllis Fullam (Wasylyk) – June 9th, 2009
I’m a friend from high school.I have so many fond memories of “JIMI”. We would always be laughing and joking around.What I will remember most about “JIMI” is our senior trip to the Bahamas and his beautiful smile that lit up the room whereever he was.He will be truly missed by all who knew him. My deepest sympathy to all of the Moenaert family. Love you JIMI Phyllis XOXO

Norm Kujawa – June 9th, 2009
I knew Jimmy from work. He was always there with a smile, always willing to help someone. Jim brightened everyone’s day just by being around. Very few people have that quality. He made daily life easier for others, a trait only a few people have. We will miss him greatly. My deepest sympathies to Jim’s family and friends.

Bobbie Roberts – June 9th, 2009
My Dearest Brother. Jimi my heart is broken knowing that I will never hear your wonderful voice again or see that beautiful smile that lit up our lives. I am reading your guest book and it fills my heart with great pride to see how many people knew you as the wonderful, generous, helpful, and loving person that you were. I will miss you and love you forever, Rest with the angels my sweet wonderful brother. I love you, Bobbie

Joe Stefanik – June 9th, 2009
Just a brief note to express how very sorry and saddened we are about Jimmy’s untimely death. He always had such a vibrant personality and will be deeply missed by all who knew him. Please know that you will all remain in our thoughts and prayers.With love and concern always,The Stefanik Family

Melanie Maison – June 9th, 2009
I loved him and i still do. He was the best uncle a girl could have. Today is such a hard day every comes true. He would always come over my house on sunday’s the one thing that was constant was DQ. whether or not i was home he would call me and start giving his order. The ice cream won’t taste the same anymore. I just think about all the things he won’t get to see me do. Like graduate college, have my first drink, get married and have kids. But throughout all those events I will think of him and all the good times that we had together.
Forever love Melanie

ed &arlene greener – June 9th, 2009
jimmie was a good friend of both of us and will be dearly missed.

Mrs. A. J. Middleton – June 9th, 2009
I am very sorry for the sudden loss of your brother. It is my prayer that you will find the comfort and strength you need to endure your sadness from each other, dear friends, and from our heavenly Father, “the God of all comfort.” Please take care.
“[God] is healing the brokenhearted ones, and is binding up their painful spots.”–Psalm 147:3

Cheryl Zimmerman DiMattia – June 9th, 2009
I am an old friend of Jimi’s from the neighborhood. I will always remember how much fun he was to be around and kept us all laughing. I’m so sorry for your tragic loss. Truly senseless. God bless you all.

Michelle Mertic – June 9th, 2009
I don’t think that words can express how heartbroken we are to hear about Jim. We know Jim through Our Lady of the Woods, we are also neighbors of Jim’s.
To his family, I am so very sorry for your loss. Jim’s bright and beautiful spirit shone from him everyday-and when you talked to him you always left with a smile on your face. He was thoughtful, kind, considerate, loving..we just can’t believe that he is gone.
We love you Jim!
Michelle and Tony Mertic and family/OLOW

Nancy Petack & Julia Honoway – June 9th, 2009
Jimi will surely be missed. We are so shocked and saddened by this tragedy. His kindness, his laughter, his wonderful personality will always be remembered. Jimi always made us feel so special by always making a point to say hello, to ask how we and our families were doing. He cared about everyone! I hope the memories ease some of the pain being experienced from this senseless act. To Bobbi, Fran, JoAnn, Debbie, Barb, Willie and Butch and the entire family – we know you will keep Jimi close to your hearts! We will pray for your enormous loss and pain. He was truly amazing!

Jeff “Spike“ Brown – June 9th, 2009
I hired in with Jimmy at AutoAlliance. I knew him well. He was ALWAYS a great person to be around. He made people laugh. He will be greatly missed by ALL who knew him! He was always in a happy mood. I have met a lot of people in my life but never found anyone like him. If more people were more like him, just think of how much better this world would be. We need more Jimmy’s. But for now we are all sadden by his passing. He will always be remembered.RIP Jimmy RIP.Jeff “Spike“ Brown

Marjorie Troe – June 9th, 2009
Jimmi, oh how we miss you! You gave so much of your self to everyone. We feel so blessed to have known you for your whole life. You touched everyone in the neighborhood with your smile and your humor. Our heaavy hearts are with all of your family along with prayers for each and every one of you. With LOVE from the Troe’s

Stan Lenk – June 9th, 2009
I only met Jimi a half of dozen times over the last 20 years, but I know this world is a lonelier place without him. My deepest sympathy to all of his family and closest friends.

Sharon Ubinger/Lichtenberg – June 9th, 2009
The angel’s song just got a little sweeter… I will miss you my friend.

Mary LaBombard(Hill) – June 9th, 2009
Barb, Wilma and the rest of Jimi’s family, I am so sorry for your loss, I know how much you loved “little Jimi”. I had the joy of knowing him thru his big sister Barb who had nothing but love for her little brother. My heart and prayers go out to the intire family.

Michelle Stefina – June 9th, 2009
Jimi was always so much fun, always a smile on his face. What a great guy, I’m sure God has a special place for him…The world is missing a beautiful person.

Melissa Mueller – June 9th, 2009
A tragic loss. I will always remember Jimi with a smile on his face and always kind words. You will forever be missed.

Yvonne – June 9th, 2009
I didn’t know Jimi, but Mandi and my daughter Mistine are best friends; and I love Mandi like she is family. We have experienced the loss of a brother and son in a tragic, unexpected way; and we know all too well the pain that brings. My thoughts and prayers are with you all as you grieve your loved one. Celebrate his life, and all of those wonderful memories will keep him close in your hearts.

krissy – June 9th, 2009
Uncle Jimi I could never put into words how much I hurt inside for losing the most sweetest kindest and thoughtful man.We are so fortunate to have had you for our uncle.Thank you for treating all your nieces and nephews unconditionally and getting to know us all.Thank you for all the great laughs and just being you Ive always had so much admiration for your beautiful loving spirit for all that you knew Thank you for praying for me and with me you were truly an Angel on earth and its going to be so hard without you here with us I only wish I had your strength to find forgiveness to those that took you away from us because I dont think I ever will I love you with all my heart and will miss you deeply. My Joey will always hear of how great Uncle Jimi was. all my love Krissy xoxoxox

Vickie (Nowak) Zelinski – June 9th, 2009
To Jimi’s family,I had the pleasure of knowing Jimi in high school, I was in Chorale with him and he truly was an amazing person. He DID bring the sunshine with him into a room, and was kind to everyone he came in contact with. I’m so sorry to hear he has gone from this earth, but am certain that you will all be together again one day, for our God is not that cruel to bond us and then separate us forever. My prayers are with all of you!

Jo Ann – June 9th, 2009
I swear Jimi was smiling the day Mom brought him home from the hospital, and despite his tragic, senseless death, I know he is smiling down on all of us now. The pain of losing him is almost intolerable, but with God’s guidance and strength and the love and support we have from so many, we will get through this. Thanks to all who have called, stopped by, or said a prayer for Jimi and our family. Please especially keep our little sister, Wilma, in your prayers for she truly lost her best friend.

Mike Catherincchia – June 9th, 2009
We are all very sorry to hear what had happened and hope and pray you are strong though this tough time..Our prayers are with you and your Family.

Barb – June 9th, 2009
Jimi was the joy of our family, we always knew when he was around there would be happiness. He was our baby brother, we all loved him. He was stolen from us. it broke our hearts. I know he is looking down on us and watching over us, he is smiling and wrapping his arms around us. But I will miss you. more than you will know. My heart is broken. I love you and you left to soon. I know you are with God, because you loved him so, and he loved you. Life will never be the same without you, I can only hope time will heal our wound. LOVE YOU JIMI, MISS YOU FOREVER
Sister Barb

Terry “T.” Alvarez – June 9th, 2009
To Jimmies family, please know that all the coworkers of his have been touched by him..he always smiled and had something funny and nice to say. I am truly blessed to have known him. I am a better person today for having someone like him in my life. There are many sad people at his job that have shed many tears this week after hearing about this…
To Jimmie, I know we didn’t get to take that ride that we talked about all winter. I know that you will be looking down on us all..on our motorcycles or at work or where ever…we will always see your smile and your hear laugh and we will be comforted having you in our lives…Ride free will always be with me…you will be missed by many…

Krystal – June 9th, 2009
My thoughts and prayers go out to anyone and everyone who loved Jimi.
To his family: You all know what an amazing person Jimi was. You know that he was loved by so many. You know that he has touched so many peoples lives. You know that he is watching over all of us in heaven. You know that he is with you always. I hope you also know that he meant the world to me. And that I truly love all of you very much.
To Jimi: I am honored that I had the pleasure of knowing you. I am blessed that our paths crossed. I truly appreciated your tender loving ways with me during my tough family heartache. I appreciate how you treated me like you knew me your whole life. I really appreciate your love and friendship you had with wilma and aj. You were an amazing man. You were unbelievably gracious, loving, caring, passionate, nurturing and understanding. You are the nicest person I’ve ever met. I only wish we could have had more time with you but I am thankful for what we have had.
I will honor you by keeping faith. With Love Always, Krystal WirtzLost but never forgotten

Pat O’Hara – June 9th, 2009
I was shocked when I heard of Jim’s death. My heart aches for your loss. Jim was a wonderful caring, loving person. He had a smile that brighten the darkest of days. He gave some of the best hugs. He was a blessing in my life. I thank God for allowing our paths to cross at Our Lady of the Woods. I will keep Jim and all of his family in my prayers. May you find comfort in your memories and in the times you had together. God bless you. Pat O’Hara/Our Lady of the Woods

Diana Caragacianu – June 9th, 2009
Please accept my condolences. I am very sorry for such a big loss to your family.

Debbie Cuttler – June 9th, 2009
When you walked into a room it filled with sunshine. I am so very proud to have you as my brother and friend. You very kind, loving, and very generous with your laughter and life. You could make me feel so good after we would be together or talk on the phone. When mom had you she gave birth to a true angel. You were an angel on earth and will fill heaven with love, laughter and beautiful music. Our lives will never be the same without you being there with your smile. Please keep smiling down on Wilma, she needs all the smiles from you. She lost her best buddy. I know you are in a better place with mom and dad but we sure didn’t want to give you up. Please be at peace and spreading all of the joy you gave us. I love you very much and always will. You were our baby and always will be. We just have to try to get over the big hole in our hearts now that you are in heaven. You left us with no music but many memories of the beautiful songs you gave to your nieces at their weddings and the many funerals you sang at. You gave you heart to your church and choir and they have lost one wonderful man. You will be greatly missed by all but especially your family.I will always love you.your loving sister

Gary & Audrey Pawenski – June 9th, 2009
Jimi has been a wonderful friend to our family who always put a smile on our faces. He truly possessed a gift of making others around him happy. He will be missed very much. It was an honor to have had him as a friend. Our thoughts and prayers go out to his family during this sad time.

Wilma Maison – June 9th, 2009
To my Baby Brother,I love you dearly and Know that I lost my buddy, my protector. I’m going to miss all the adventures we took together.What will do without you I’m very Heartbroken, that you were taken from us in the Horrible way.Just remember I will always Love You. They took a peice of my Heart when took you. I just need to see that it is really true that your gone from this earth. I love and miss you very much. LOVE,Wilma

Donna Zuk – June 9th, 2009
To Jim’s family, our deepest sympathy. Please know your loss is our loss too. Jim was not only our neighbor and loved by all, but also our dear friend. He touched so many lives with his friendship, smile and great personality; not to mention his great voice, his singing was wonderful. We will miss him so much. May God bless him, your family and help us all us deal with this terrible loss.

Lucia Spevacek – June 9th, 2009
To Jimi’s family: I am friend of Jimi’s from high school. For as long as I have known him he always had a smile on his face and could always put smile on everyone else’s. I am so shocked and saddened to hear of his passing. He will be missed terribly.

DeVeau, Robin – June 9th, 2009
My thoughts & prayers are with your family. I am sorry for your loss.

Al & Judy Prause – June 9th, 2009
You will be missed by everyone who knew you for your sense of humor and helpfulness. May you rest in peace.

Rae Dorton – June 9th, 2009
Bobbie, Prayers to you and your family in this sad time. Rae

Sharon Gibbons – June 9th, 2009
So sorry to hear about your brother. Prayers are
with you and your family during this difficult time.

Bev, Thea, Rose & Gayle – June 9th, 2009
From the gals at the Alpena Star. Our hearts are heavy by your lost loved one Bobbie. Know that all our thoughts and prayers are with you at this time.
Sincerely, The Alpena Star Gals

Lee Ann Hill – June 9th, 2009
Bobbie and family,
What a tragedy for you and your family. I am so very, very sorry. Prayers and peaceful wishes are with you. Lee

Michelle Reichenbacher – June 9th, 2009
Bobbie and family – I am so very sorry to hear of your loss, you’re in my heart and prayers during this sad time. With deepest sympathy, Michelle (The Leader and the Kalkaskian).

Sheila Spadafore – June 9th, 2009
I am so sorry about your loss. My prayers are with you all.

Patty Sims – June 9th, 2009
My heart breaks for you Debbie (and family)as you face this immeasurable loss. I know you will somehow find strength in each other. I am praying for Jimi and his peaceful return to God, and I pray too for the people who love him, that you may find a way to heal.

Cindy & Kelly Zaidan – June 9th, 2009
He will be deeply missed by all who knew him. What a great person. We feel very lucky to have got to know him. The family is in our prayers and hearts at this time.

Kristie Gentz – June 9th, 2009
I am so sorry for your loss. Your family will continue to be in my thoughts & prayers. You are an amazing family… continue to share your happy memories of him.

Betsey – June 9th, 2009
I’m very sorry to hear of your loss… I know how much Jimi meant to all of you and please know that you are in my thoughts and prayers. Love you.

Melissa Lecznar – June 9th, 2009
Uncle Jimmie was a wonderful, caring man and a giving human being. His voice was amazing. He will be missed. My prayers go out to his family.

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