Pictures from Friday Nov. 20

Thanks Sargent Garza for the great pictures!

These were taken in a conference room at the Frank Murphy Hall of Justice and out front as well. This was when the family and friends that were there in court got to meet and say Thank You to the Detroit Police officers that were there and did their job at what we believe was an exceptional level! When I say Police officers I am also referring to our new found friend and family Hero! Recon the four legged officer that did his job in finding the two murderers in short order!

If I knew all the names of all of the officers I would post them here so that the world would know that we appreciate everything they do!

Click on the links and not the pictures…..

  Officer Huckestein and Rekon 1Officer Huckestein and Recon 1

  Officer Hukestein and RekonOfficer Hukestein and Recon 2

  Family with Rekon and Officer Hukestein 1Family with Recon and Officer Hukestein 1

  RekonFamily with Recon and Officer Hukestein 2

 Rekon and Officer HukesteinRecon and Officer Hukestein

  FamilyFamily in the conference room with DPD’s finest! 1

  Group Photo 1Group Photo 1

  Group Photo 2Group Photo 2

  GroupGroup Photo 3

  GroupGroup Photo 4

  PatchMemory Patch

  BraceletBarbara’s Bracelet

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