We seem to have a renewed interest in this site based on the number of new users signing up in the past 30 days or so and for that I say thank you and welcome! Please write a story to share and together we will keep Jimi’s memory alive! AJ

Mothers Day 2009

This is a personal account and I’ll incorporate the facts from the police reports the best that I can. I may get corrected by my wife, kids or Jimi’s siblings too. Mothers Day, If my memory serves me right Jimi called and asked what we were doing for the day, Then he said he was… Continue reading Mothers Day 2009

Court on Nov. 20th and 23rd

Hi everyone, Here’s what happened in court on Friday and Monday: Friday, Calvin McCullough was given his sentence Murder in the second degree which gets him the 23 to50 years in prison that he accepted in a plea bargain. Debbie and Roberta (Bobbie) read the family’s Impact Statement (Which I will add to this posting).… Continue reading Court on Nov. 20th and 23rd

Court Case

Well folks, As promised here’s an update: The shooter, Randy Richardson took a plea bargain deal of 35 years plus 5 years to 60 years for Murder in the second degree. The accomplice, Calvin McCullough took a plea bargain deal of 23 to 50 years for Murder in the second degree. The actual sentencing date… Continue reading Court Case

Court on Nov. 2nd

If you’re planning on going to court with the family on November 2nd, Please email or call me. There is some news that I can share but not on the internet. AJ lmaison@maisonmartialarts.com

Upcoming court date

Hi everyone, I wanted to give you an update on the trial that will (as of now) start on November 2nd since there have been so many folks asking. I spoke with our court appointed advocate yesterday (Thursday 10-22-09) and asked if there was anything that had developed since our last court date, she told… Continue reading Upcoming court date