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Please write a story to share and together we will keep Jimi’s memory alive!


Mothers Day 2009

This is a personal account and I’ll incorporate the facts from the police reports the best that I can. I may get corrected by my wife, kids or Jimi’s siblings too.

Mothers Day,
If my memory serves me right Jimi called and asked what we were doing for the day, Then he said he was going to cut the grass and things around his house and he’s be out later in the morning. He arrived at our house and after he wished his sister a happy mothers day he informed her that we were going to go to the cemetery to visit Mom’s grave and to lay flowers. Willie said that she didn’t want to go but, Jimi told her that she didn’t have a choice (as only Jimi could). So off we went to the cemetery, from there Jimi and Willie decided to go to the “Old” neighborhood and drive by the house that they grew up in. We did, and Jimi noticed that one of the neighbors was home and suggested that we stop in and say hello, again Willie said “No” lets just go home. So we turned around and went to visit the neighbor (Mr. & Mrs Troe) because Jimi said it’s a good idea. After our visit we got back in Jimi’s car and headed for home (Jimi’s low fuel light came on and the warning bell sounded on the ride home), once home I ordered carry-out from a little restaurant close to home and Jimi and I went and picked up dinner. After dinner I think we watched the television and just chatted, we may have even sent one of the kids out for Dairy Queen too. Jimi left our house at around 11:30 or so and that was the last time we saw him alive…….

The next chain of events  will be based on things that we know as facts discovered through the process of police reports, bank statements and confessions of the two that caused this tragedy

Jimi stopped at a gas station on Warren Ave. just off of the I-94 expressway and put gas in his car (the low fuel light had come on while we were out during the day). We know this because of the bank statement. (he used his debit card) From the gas station he went west on Warren (we don’t know why) and he drove past the Southfield freeway (we don’t know definitively why). He drove to the parking lot of the funeral home at the corner of West Warren and Artesian (the parking lot is on the South West corner).  He was exiting the parking lot (the car was pointed East) when Randy and Calvin walked up on the drivers side, Randy tried to open the drivers door and found it to be locked. He didn’t say anything to Jimi he just fired two shots through the drivers window. Jimi sped off across Artesian and into another parking lot, past the funeral home and hit a parked car behind the bar next to the funeral home……

This is a civilian witness account and I’ll generalize and not use their exact words:

I had left the Adam’s Apple bar and was exiting the parking lot onto Artesian. I noticed a SUV in the parking lot across Artesian and there were two people standing next to the SUV, one at the drivers door and the other standing behind him.  I turned right onto Artesian and pulled up to a red light at W. Warren. I heard what sounded like two gunshots, I turned to look toward the SUV and the two guys were running away. I turned right and pulled back into the parking lot of the bar and saw the SUV crash into a parked car behind the bar.

I’ll continue to add facts from the police reports and so fourth as I read through the thousands of pages of documents this has generated. If you have questions, please do not hesitate to ask……

Thanks for the “Kick in the pants Mr. Blandford, I’ll get back to writing soon.

To Be Continued…………..

Again folks I do apologize for my lack of writing, It’s really difficult to do. It’s not that I don’t want to write it’s just that every time I sit down to do it I have to read through more of the reports and that’s just harder than I could have imagined. So if someone has a pleasant story please write it!


Pictures from Friday Nov. 20

Thanks Sargent Garza for the great pictures!

These were taken in a conference room at the Frank Murphy Hall of Justice and out front as well. This was when the family and friends that were there in court got to meet and say Thank You to the Detroit Police officers that were there and did their job at what we believe was an exceptional level! When I say Police officers I am also referring to our new found friend and family Hero! Recon the four legged officer that did his job in finding the two murderers in short order!

If I knew all the names of all of the officers I would post them here so that the world would know that we appreciate everything they do!

Click on the links and not the pictures…..

  Officer Huckestein and Rekon 1Officer Huckestein and Recon 1

  Officer Hukestein and RekonOfficer Hukestein and Recon 2

  Family with Rekon and Officer Hukestein 1Family with Recon and Officer Hukestein 1

  RekonFamily with Recon and Officer Hukestein 2

 Rekon and Officer HukesteinRecon and Officer Hukestein

  FamilyFamily in the conference room with DPD’s finest! 1

  Group Photo 1Group Photo 1

  Group Photo 2Group Photo 2

  GroupGroup Photo 3

  GroupGroup Photo 4

  PatchMemory Patch

  BraceletBarbara’s Bracelet

Court on Nov. 20th and 23rd

Hi everyone,

Here’s what happened in court on Friday and Monday:
Friday, Calvin McCullough was given his sentence Murder in the second degree which gets him the 23 to50 years in prison that he accepted in a plea bargain. Debbie and Roberta (Bobbie) read the family’s Impact Statement (Which I will add to this posting). Calvin made a brief statement of apology. Everyone that was in court on behalf of Jimi got to meet, shake hands, and or hug most all of the police (Including “Rekon” the dog that found the two hiding in the bushes) officers involved with Jimi’s case and to say THANK YOU to each of them. The group also had their picture taken out in front of the courthouse with the officers and “Rekon” (I’ll post the pictures when I get them)

Monday, Randy Richardson was given his sentence of Murder in the second degree which gets him the 35 to 60 years and an additional 5 years for the firearm charge that he accepted in a plea bargain. Wilma and Barbara read the family’s Impact Statement. Randy made a brief and not at all heart felt statement that leads us to believe that he’s truly sorry that he got caught. The Judge then ordered Randy to pay restitution for the funeral expenses and also divided it in half and will make Calvin pay half. When we left the court room the family of Randy Richardson (I think it was his sisters but I’m not positive) called Jimi’s sisters “Bitches” because they don’t think Randy should have to pay restitution. I guess it just goes to show what’s important to them.

Here’s the family’s Impact Statement




Judge we take this opportunity to tell you what kind of individual that these two chose to take away from us.   He was the youngest in our family of eight.  His six sisters and one brother; their spouses 17 nieces and nephews; 20 great nieces and nephews; and 2 great-great nephews are left with an emptiness that will never be filled and a pain in our hearts that will never leave.  Jimi was so adored by all. He always had a smile on his face that we will never see again, and he would do anything for anyone.  He never missed a family function and would always make sure to give everyone that huge “Jimi Hug” he was known for.  He was instrumental in the care of our mother and father during the illnesses that eventually ended their lives. 


Jimi loved to sing.  He began singing as a little kid and continued through his adult life.  He was a cantor and a member of his church choir.  He sang at numerous family weddings.  In fact, in April he sang the mass for a niece’s wedding, and late last year, he sang at the funeral mass of a nephew’s mother-in-law.  We will never have the opportunity to hear that beautiful voice again because it has been needlessly silenced.


He was an active member of his church.  Not only was he in the choir, he taught catechism and he provided aide to a number of fellow parishioners. For example, he took a one parishioner to chemotherapy and administered communion to her weekly.  His priest and the entire choir traveled about 40 miles to Sterling Heights in honor of Jimi to celebrate his funeral mass. For two days over 500 people came to pay their respect for Jimi. There were over 250 people that attended his funeral mass. 


He was loved and adored by his neighborhood community. He was instrumental in the planning of their yearly summer block party. His murder had such an impact on them; this year’s party was canceled. They were unable to do it without Jimi.


Jimi was steadily employed and not a burden to society.  He worked at Mazda/AAI for over 21 years.  Many, many co-workers said Jimi was more than a co-worker, he was a friend.  For example, he was the best man at one co-worker’s wedding and became the god father to each of his children. 


Here is a few other examples of the love and generosity of our baby brother: He donated money for a dear friends medical bills without their knowledge; he would leave money on the porches of people in need for food or to pay bills; he donated furniture and clothing to a co-worker and to the son of a close friend; he worked a soup kitchen on Thanksgiving; he took a neighbor to the hospital for back surgery then nursed him during his convalescence. We could go on and on with stories that were shared with us, but we think you get the point.


It was Mothers Day 2009, Jimi had gone to the cemetery to place flowers on our mothers grave (little did we know it would be his last opportunity). That evening just after midnight, Randy and Calvin shot and killed him. Did they give our brother a choice between his life or his car? Absolutely not! When they couldn’t get the door open, they shot and killed him in cold blood, then ran and hid. While our brother Jimi lay on a cold slab in the morgue as a John Doe, Calvin and Randy were housed in the Wayne county Jail where they were being fed and had a bed to sleep on. They deserve no mercy. Both Randy and Calvin deserve life in prison without parole. Although we understand the terms of your plea deal, we must accept it in order to allow ourselves to heal and to allow our brother to rest in peace.

Judge you have allowed Calvin to accept a plea and to spend a minimum of 23 years, or 276 months, or 8,395 days before he is eligible for parole. You have also allowed Randy to accept a plea and spend the next 35 plus 5 years, or 480 months, or 14,600 days before he is eligible for parole. We would like to say that they will have all this time to think about the family births they will miss, weddings they will miss and perhaps even the funerals of their parents. And most of all we would like them to think about our brother and his family because Jimi will be in our hearts and minds every day. We assure them that when they become eligible for parole, members of this family will be available to protest their release.


Judge, due to this tragedy several members have sought counseling.

Our family was given two free counseling meetings through the funeral home but it just wasn’t enough and one of the sibling’s lives out of state and there is nothing available in their area that is affordable. Counseling on how to deal with the loss of a sibling due to murder would help immensely.

The effects of this have caused a few of Jimi’s siblings to be put on Anti-Depressant medication by their doctors, some siblings suffer from insomnia and the list goes on and on.

The pain of his murder never goes away.


If it can be ordered judge, the family would like both Randy and Calvin to pay restitution for a minimum of the following items:

1. Jimi’s funeral expenses = $19,157.70


2. Insurance deductible paid to get his car out of the collision shop = $250.00


3. Siblings loss of wages = We do not at this time have a total dollar amount but we can say that several of Jimi’s siblings have had to utilize all of their vacation and paid personal days due to this and have even had to take time off of work without pay, It means that they will not be able to take any more time off this year and some even into next year. I know this may not seem to be a big deal but if this didn’t happen then they all would have been able to enjoy their earned time off.


4. Out of pocket expenses for siblings to appear in court, such as gas and parking.


Judge, we would like to share with the court a document that was written by a family member, we think that this summarizes our thoughts and feelings.


When we heard the tragic news of our brother Jimi’s death we were in disbelief.

We became angry, we became numb and we could only wonder why. Then we cried.


As days came and went we still could not believe our brother was gone. We gathered as a family for strength and love. Our faith keeps us strong. We can only wonder why. Then we cry.


As we prepared for the future we were in awe of our brother’s legacy. His acts of kindness, his caring nature and his special voice. His many friends, neighbor’s, co-workers and church members sharing with us our brother’s life. We can only wonder why. Then we cry.


We continue on with a deep void in our heart and soul. We know that the power of the heavens have praised our brother Jimi’s work and life and have asked that he continue that work with all others that have gone before us. We can only wonder why. Then we cry.


As we struggle with the earth’s justice, we know that no matter the outcome, the Lord above will deal with the inhuman savages that cut short the life of a wonderful, caring and loving person. We can only wonder why. Then we cry.


As the days go by we try to live our lives with a loss. Jimi would want us to continue on and knows that we will never forget our baby brother. We will see his face, hear his singing and feel his presence for the rest of our lives. We can only wonder why. Then we cry.


Our family love and faith continues to help us through this daily struggle. One day we will be re-united with our loved ones and be together once again. It is not an easy journey that has been mapped out for us. We must continue on, even in grief, even in pain and even in disbelief. We must comfort ourselves with fond and loving memories of a person that was happy, that believed in God, who was always there for anyone that needed help. We will try to smile again. We continue to wonder why. We continue to cry.


Please feel free to Comment, email or call us for more Info. I will be posting the events of mothers day soon…….



Update 11-17-2009

We heard today that the court date for Friday is still on but only one of the defendants will be up for sentencing. The other defendant will be sentenced on Monday November 23rd.

Also for the family and friends, We (Maison Martial Arts) are hosting a karate tournament in Jimi’s Honor on December 5th at Hazel Park High School. You are all welcome to attend and we could use some help also. Here’s a link to get to the school’s website and the flier that has been distributed.



Court Case

Well folks,
As promised here’s an update:
The shooter, Randy Richardson took a plea bargain deal of 35 years plus 5 years to 60 years for Murder in the second degree.
The accomplice, Calvin McCullough took a plea bargain deal of 23 to 50 years for Murder in the second degree.

The actual sentencing date will be November 20 at 9:00 am

More to come….. and as always call or write for more info.


Court on Nov. 2nd

If you’re planning on going to court with the family on November 2nd, Please email or call me. There is some news that I can share but not on the internet.


Upcoming court date

Hi everyone,

I wanted to give you an update on the trial that will (as of now) start on November 2nd since there have been so many folks asking. I spoke with our court appointed advocate yesterday (Thursday 10-22-09) and asked if there was anything that had developed since our last court date, she told me that nothing has changed but she did tell me that it would probably take 2 or 3 days to select the Jury’s (2) and it would not be unusual for the defendants lawyers to start talking about plea deals at that time.

That’s all I know for now, and sorry it isn’t much. Also if you have questions, as always please just ask.


Pictures from the ride!

First and foremost, Thank you Terry for putting this together! and thanks to Rick for cooking (slaving over a hot grill) and a big thanks to all who attended or donated!

Here’s the first few pictures from today’s “Ride for Jimi 2009”

I’ll keep adding them as I get them!

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