2 years since we lost our beloved brother

Jimi, it has been 2 years today since your life was taken from us.  I know that your spirit lives on with everyone that you knew and loved.  It is still very hard to believe you are not with us only in our hearts and the wonderful memories you left us.  Jimi I miss each and every day and I have this big hole in my heart since you were taken from us.  I know that you are in peace and I hope by now you are the choir director in heaven.  I wish I had the strength to be like you my sweet Jimi.  I want to see the best in people like you did and enjoy every part of my life like you did (but I have lost that part of me when we got word on 5/12/09 that were not with us any longer).  You had such strong faith I know you were taken right to heaven and were greated by all that loved you when they were still on earth.  I need to find the faith and strength you had with life and I am having a great deal of trouble finding it.  I feel stuck and can’t move forward.  I pray I am not disappointing you with my actions and attitude because I know you would have dusted yourself off and went on.  You are my hero with life and you truly lived it to the fullest.  You will always be with me and I hope some day I will get some understanding why of all people you were chosen to return home and be with mom and dad and everyone else that you were so truly loved by.  My sweet loving brother may you be in peace (which I know in my heart that you are) and please entertain all of the angles in heaven with your wonderful sense of humor and your beautiful singing voice.  I will cherish the time we had together and pray that when it is my time to come home I will be joining you in heaven for eternity.  I will love you my brother and I will never forget the Jimi that made his mark on earth and on everyone you came in contact with.  I am very proud to say I was blessed with you as my brother.  I love you forever.  Your loving sister Debbie.

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By dcuttler0223

I am the 4th of the family. I feel very fortunate to be blessed with my family. I have 5 wonderful sisters and 2 great brothers. I am proud to have been blessed with my youngest brother Jimi. He was a true angel on earth and I know he got his wings as soon as he was taken from us.

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  1. I ‘m glad that you wrote this because you put the words that describe exactlyhow he was. I could not get the words out. Jimi was a strong human being. I wish I was like him too. Thank you Debbie for writing this. Love you Jimi! Your loving sister Wilma.

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