Fond Memories

I have so many memories of Uncle Jimi that it has taken me this long to finally narrow them down enough to write about my favorites. These are in no specific order:

April 18th, 2009 At Mandi’s Wedding! I remember you and many others singing to the bride “The O Mandy Song” 🙂 You were great by the way!

I also remember how you helped care for David after he did a little to much partying at the wedding 🙂 You were very good with him. I thank you for that!

Another memory I treasure, is you helping push start Dave’s motorcycle with everyone. You slipping on some grass in the driveway and falling down. May I say very Gracefully since you did some type of weird worm dance on the cement. Glad you were ok!

At the Maison’s house after Lloyd got his new truck everyone was outside trying to remove some bushes from the front grass and it was your idea to use the truck to pull them right out! Your idea worked and it was very manly/redneck 🙂 It was definitely interesting!

I will also never forget the day you found Mori in your bush and called Wilma panicking! So we came out there with everything you’d need to care for him. Then we found Mali and Michelle 🙂 You were such a great dad to them!

Another memory of mine is when Uncle Jimi took all his sisters down to Tennessee to surprise Aunt Barb for her birthday! My Grandma died during their trip and he made sure to call me and tell me he was sorry for my loss and was thinking about me. Which meant more then he could ever know!

Even after all these memories I still have one favorite! Its not a memory but more like a category of memories! Anything to do with Wilma and Lloyd’s 25th Anniversary Party tops it for me! I remember how when Uncle Jimi would be at karate we’d be discussing plans for the party. I remember how he’d give us advice and ideas on the planning. I remember how everyone had to keep so hush hush about it which was hard for him as well as us. I remember when it came down to him giving us his donation to the party it was like we were performing a secret mission.

He came over one day randomly to visit Wilma (so she thought) and was actually trying to give me his money. However she never left the room long enough for him to give it to me. So he went to the bathroom before his ride home. Then he left. I kept thinking oh crap we don’t have his part! Then I get a phone call from him saying to go in the bathroom, to look above the toilet in the towel closet and find an envelope with the money in it. It was seriously the funniest thing ever.

I also remember the day of the party March 29, 2008 Uncle Jimi had such a blast. He was like a little kid enjoying himself with everyone. Dancing the whole night away. It was a joy to see! I also remember that one of the first and last pictures of the night are of Uncle Jimi with Wilma and Lloyd 🙂

All of these memories are very dear to me! So I just want to say Thank You Uncle Jimi for letting me have so many memories with you!

Love, Krystal

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