Remembering May 10th, 2009

For those of you who don’t know me I am willie & aj’s son Davids girlfriend. I have been in this family for awhile now and Uncle Jimi was someone very dear to me.

I remember May 10th, 2009 Mothers Day like it was YESTERDAY! I remember that wilma, lloyd and uncle jimi were gone for what it seemed like all day! I remember waiting for them to decide on what we were all doing for dinner. I remember that we ordered Apple Annies which happened a lot. I even remember what Uncle Jimi Ordered. He ordered an italian chicken dinner that came with a boiled egg, a tomato and what ever side he wanted that day which I think was salad. I remember that I was studying for a final I had the next day while dave was getting ready to go out since he was laid off that week. I remember all of us watching the Wings game on tv. I remember that we won 4 to 1. I remember us cheering. I remember uncle jimi laying on the love seat all wrapped up in a blanket semi falling asleep which he did often. I remember daves friend ryan coming to get dave. I remember finishing up my studying and leaving. I remember NOT SAYING GOODBYE and NOT HUGGING Uncle Jimi! Which I sure do regret everyday! I remember it all like it just happened because it truly does feel like it just did. It still doesn’t feel real to me. I don’t think it ever will. It feels like hes on another one of his long vacations. Like he will be back soon. Like he will come over and tell us how much fun he had, show us pictures, bring us cheesy gifts, eat dinner and dairy queen with us and hang out like we all did every sunday together. I can’t believe tomorrow will be a year since he was taken from us. I can’t believe how much hes missed in that year. However, I know he is still with us. I can feel him around and I see things happen that I know are his doing. Therefore, I am grateful for that! I am grateful for knowing him the 6 years I did. I am grateful for seeing him one last time! I am grateful knowing that he loved me!

Love you ALWAYS Uncle Jimi!

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