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Everything reminds me of you in some way!

Listening to wedding music reminds me of you. Watching your cats reminds me of you. Spending time at the maisons house reminds me of you. Eating apple annies reminds me of you. Going to the dojo reminds me of you. Eating birthday cake reminds me of you. Looking at my angel reminds me of you. Thinking of good things reminds me of you. Reading about health foods reminds me of you. A beautiful day like today reminds me of you. As you can see EVERYTHING reminds me of you.

Happy to tell you that we finally made it to visit your amazing headstone on your birthday 🙂 It truly is beautiful just like you!

We went to church recently too! You should be proud of us.

Hoping that you will make more great things come our way, like you have been lately!

Just wanted to drop in and say: I miss you and love you EVERYDAY!


Happy Birthday to an amazing man! That we miss everyday.

But I wanted you to know that we love you and we wish you a very awesome birthday with whoever you are spending your day with!  Hope its a gorgeous day so we can remember you and do something special on your day in honor of you!

Forever in my Heart

When I got the phone call stating you were gone… I couldn’t believe it. I couldn’t imagine life with out you. It seemed so un-real!

I still to this day can’t believe it and still can’t imagine life without you. It still seems un-real!

I can not believe its been two years since I saw you last.

The really crazy thing about it is yesterday was the last time I saw you (2 years ago) and I was doing the same thing I did the night I saw you last. Watching the wings game and doing homework/something like that. It was like it was deja vu but without you.

The 2 years have flown by and yet time has stopped making each day go by slow. If that makes any sense.

I pray that you are proud of all of us. I hope that you are watching over all of us. I know your with us always.

I know that I miss you every single day. I think about you every single day. While your cats our cuddling with me… its hard not to think about you.

You were such an amazing man/person/friend/uncle! I cherish every minute I have spent with you.

RIP Uncle Jimi

With love always, Krystal


Yesterday was the best day of my life thus far…. and you were not here! I know you were in the room with us and that you hugged us right after. I know that you are happy for us and will be there every step of the process. BUT its not the same.

Another event that we need you at and you will not be at! Its so unfair!

I wish that you could sing for us at our wedding and for mel & ray at theirs! A cd of your voice just isn’t good enough! But at least we have that 🙂

I love you and miss you everyday!

I’ve been thinking about you lately and wanted to write on the website! Warning: it will be random thoughts

I love that the motorcycle ride has gotten better every year! I hate how that’s not true for the tournament!

I love knowing your always around! But I hate knowing your gone!

I re-read all of the posts on your website and bawled my eyes out! I am having a really tough time right now! Things just keep getting worse for us!

We have lost a lot of loved ones within the last few years and there have been 5 heavy hits to me this year alone!

I get that things will get better! I understand that we are just having a rough spot but I am really hoping something changes soon! I will continue to (try) look on the brighter side! See the glass as half full instead of half empty!

I will continue to live life to the fullest and appreciate everything god has given us!

I will think of you often and remember you always!

Miss you constantly!  Hope to see you in a dream SOON!

I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! (in advance)

Love Always, Krystal

BTW help me out with your cats 🙂


I’ve been thinking about you a lot lately! But today will be hard! Here’s another event that you should be at and you wont! It’s just not fair!

I remember the day Brian and Natalie announced their engagement! I remember Brian turning it into a joke saying that they were moving away! And I remember when he said they were engaged, you questioned if they were still moving away, LOL!

You were always good at joking around and goofing off! You made things that were serious very pleasant and peaceful!

Wish you were here with us in person today but I know you will be here in spirit partying with us and dancing your butt off tonight at the reception!

CONGRATS to Brian and Natalie!

Fond Memories

I have so many memories of Uncle Jimi that it has taken me this long to finally narrow them down enough to write about my favorites. These are in no specific order:

April 18th, 2009 At Mandi’s Wedding! I remember you and many others singing to the bride “The O Mandy Song” 🙂 You were great by the way!

I also remember how you helped care for David after he did a little to much partying at the wedding 🙂 You were very good with him. I thank you for that!

Another memory I treasure, is you helping push start Dave’s motorcycle with everyone. You slipping on some grass in the driveway and falling down. May I say very Gracefully since you did some type of weird worm dance on the cement. Glad you were ok!

At the Maison’s house after Lloyd got his new truck everyone was outside trying to remove some bushes from the front grass and it was your idea to use the truck to pull them right out! Your idea worked and it was very manly/redneck 🙂 It was definitely interesting!

I will also never forget the day you found Mori in your bush and called Wilma panicking! So we came out there with everything you’d need to care for him. Then we found Mali and Michelle 🙂 You were such a great dad to them!

Another memory of mine is when Uncle Jimi took all his sisters down to Tennessee to surprise Aunt Barb for her birthday! My Grandma died during their trip and he made sure to call me and tell me he was sorry for my loss and was thinking about me. Which meant more then he could ever know!

Even after all these memories I still have one favorite! Its not a memory but more like a category of memories! Anything to do with Wilma and Lloyd’s 25th Anniversary Party tops it for me! I remember how when Uncle Jimi would be at karate we’d be discussing plans for the party. I remember how he’d give us advice and ideas on the planning. I remember how everyone had to keep so hush hush about it which was hard for him as well as us. I remember when it came down to him giving us his donation to the party it was like we were performing a secret mission.

He came over one day randomly to visit Wilma (so she thought) and was actually trying to give me his money. However she never left the room long enough for him to give it to me. So he went to the bathroom before his ride home. Then he left. I kept thinking oh crap we don’t have his part! Then I get a phone call from him saying to go in the bathroom, to look above the toilet in the towel closet and find an envelope with the money in it. It was seriously the funniest thing ever.

I also remember the day of the party March 29, 2008 Uncle Jimi had such a blast. He was like a little kid enjoying himself with everyone. Dancing the whole night away. It was a joy to see! I also remember that one of the first and last pictures of the night are of Uncle Jimi with Wilma and Lloyd 🙂

All of these memories are very dear to me! So I just want to say Thank You Uncle Jimi for letting me have so many memories with you!

Love, Krystal

Remembering May 10th, 2009

For those of you who don’t know me I am willie & aj’s son Davids girlfriend. I have been in this family for awhile now and Uncle Jimi was someone very dear to me.

I remember May 10th, 2009 Mothers Day like it was YESTERDAY! I remember that wilma, lloyd and uncle jimi were gone for what it seemed like all day! I remember waiting for them to decide on what we were all doing for dinner. I remember that we ordered Apple Annies which happened a lot. I even remember what Uncle Jimi Ordered. He ordered an italian chicken dinner that came with a boiled egg, a tomato and what ever side he wanted that day which I think was salad. I remember that I was studying for a final I had the next day while dave was getting ready to go out since he was laid off that week. I remember all of us watching the Wings game on tv. I remember that we won 4 to 1. I remember us cheering. I remember uncle jimi laying on the love seat all wrapped up in a blanket semi falling asleep which he did often. I remember daves friend ryan coming to get dave. I remember finishing up my studying and leaving. I remember NOT SAYING GOODBYE and NOT HUGGING Uncle Jimi! Which I sure do regret everyday! I remember it all like it just happened because it truly does feel like it just did. It still doesn’t feel real to me. I don’t think it ever will. It feels like hes on another one of his long vacations. Like he will be back soon. Like he will come over and tell us how much fun he had, show us pictures, bring us cheesy gifts, eat dinner and dairy queen with us and hang out like we all did every sunday together. I can’t believe tomorrow will be a year since he was taken from us. I can’t believe how much hes missed in that year. However, I know he is still with us. I can feel him around and I see things happen that I know are his doing. Therefore, I am grateful for that! I am grateful for knowing him the 6 years I did. I am grateful for seeing him one last time! I am grateful knowing that he loved me!

Love you ALWAYS Uncle Jimi!