Jim Bow

I can’t remember why or how you got the nickname of Jim Bow but it seems like that was your name for years until you decided to become Jimi.  I think Jimi suited your personality better.  Today is Barbara’s 50th birthday and I know that you are singing Happy Birthday to her.  I made sure I sent her an agenda of her day if we could have been with her.  You truly were the best brother anyone could have asked for.  On Sunday you would have been 47 years old.  I am sick at heart to know that you are not here to celebrate it with Wilma and AJ probably taking long rides on your motorcycles.   I love you and miss you from the bottom of my heart.  Give mom and dad a big hug for us.



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By dcuttler0223

I am the 4th of the family. I feel very fortunate to be blessed with my family. I have 5 wonderful sisters and 2 great brothers. I am proud to have been blessed with my youngest brother Jimi. He was a true angel on earth and I know he got his wings as soon as he was taken from us.

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