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I am the 4th of the family. I feel very fortunate to be blessed with my family. I have 5 wonderful sisters and 2 great brothers. I am proud to have been blessed with my youngest brother Jimi. He was a true angel on earth and I know he got his wings as soon as he was taken from us.

2 years since we lost our beloved brother

Jimi, it has been 2 years today since your life was taken from us.  I know that your spirit lives on with everyone that you knew and loved.  It is still very hard to believe you are not with us only in our hearts and the wonderful memories you left us.  Jimi I miss each and every day and I have this big hole in my heart since you were taken from us.  I know that you are in peace and I hope by now you are the choir director in heaven.  I wish I had the strength to be like you my sweet Jimi.  I want to see the best in people like you did and enjoy every part of my life like you did (but I have lost that part of me when we got word on 5/12/09 that were not with us any longer).  You had such strong faith I know you were taken right to heaven and were greated by all that loved you when they were still on earth.  I need to find the faith and strength you had with life and I am having a great deal of trouble finding it.  I feel stuck and can’t move forward.  I pray I am not disappointing you with my actions and attitude because I know you would have dusted yourself off and went on.  You are my hero with life and you truly lived it to the fullest.  You will always be with me and I hope some day I will get some understanding why of all people you were chosen to return home and be with mom and dad and everyone else that you were so truly loved by.  My sweet loving brother may you be in peace (which I know in my heart that you are) and please entertain all of the angles in heaven with your wonderful sense of humor and your beautiful singing voice.  I will cherish the time we had together and pray that when it is my time to come home I will be joining you in heaven for eternity.  I will love you my brother and I will never forget the Jimi that made his mark on earth and on everyone you came in contact with.  I am very proud to say I was blessed with you as my brother.  I love you forever.  Your loving sister Debbie.

My 60th without you

Jimi I know you are at total peace with mom and dad and by now you must be the director of the angel choir.  I wish I could hear your voice singing to me today “Happy Birthday”.  It is hard to believe that I am now amongst the wonderful age of 60.  If you were still with us you would be turning 49 what a baby.  Jim you know I think about you all of the time and I pray to you every night.  I agree with everyone who has said that this year has actually been much harder to deal with us losing you than the first year.  You are always in our hearts and thoughts.  I don’t believe a day goes by that you are not mentioned in someone’s conversation.  You left a big hole in everyone’s lives when you were taken by God.  I know he was very pleased at your accomplishments on earth especially your kindness to others and you going back to church and you opened your heart up to God.  Jimi I miss you so much it hurts and I hope someday we are together again.  I love you my sweet baby brother.

May 11, 2010 @ 12:00PM

It has been a year already since GOD decided it was time to take our sweet baby brother home.  Jimi, you were an angel walking amongst us and now you are in heaven watching over all of us.  It is truly hard to believe that you are not with us anymore, in human form, but you will always be a big part in my heart.  Jimi you touched anyone you came near.  You were the best son, brother, uncle, cousin, friend, co-worker and Christian.  No one will ever be able to fill your shoes.  I really miss your laugh, jokes, singing, understanding, patience and the big hugs you gave me.  I have so many wonderful memories of you the day mom brought you home, the day you climbed the fence to get into Buxton’s yard so you could go down their slide (since ours was taken down due to your hernia surgery), the day you almost bit your tongue off, and the Christmas caroling when you came home with a face full of blood and I had to meet dad at the clinic for you to get stitches.  I didn’t mean for you to get hurt under my watch.  I was so proud of you when you sang at Shannon and Mandi’s weddings.  You made their special day perfect with your wonderful voice.  The memory I will hold fondest is when at 45 years old you were brave enough to take 5 of your sisters on a road trip to Tennessee.  It was the best time the six of us had together in many years.   We had so many laughs, especially you trying to teach us older ones how to sing and had to give up due to the deep voices and of course we couldn’t carry a tune.  I know you are in a better place and are truly at peace singing with all of the other angels, but I am being selfish when I say I wish we could have had more time together.  You were the light and spirit of our family and will be truly missed forever by all.  I hope it gets easier as the years go by with you not being with us but this has been the worst year of my life with losing my baby brother and friend.  We have had new life since you were taken, Camryn Marie is Donnie and Aimee’s new baby girl and in July Shannon and Archie will be blessing us with a new grandson.  I know you can see how well your kids (cats) are being taken care of.  They fit right in with Wilma and her family.  Make sure you give mom and dad a hug for all of us and make sure they are getting along.  The things you do for yourself die with you, the things you do for others live on forever.  I heard this last night and this really describes you perfectly.  Your life will always be remembered for the man you were and the many lives that were blessed to have known you. 

Your loving sisterDebbie

Jim Bow

I can’t remember why or how you got the nickname of Jim Bow but it seems like that was your name for years until you decided to become Jimi.  I think Jimi suited your personality better.  Today is Barbara’s 50th birthday and I know that you are singing Happy Birthday to her.  I made sure I sent her an agenda of her day if we could have been with her.  You truly were the best brother anyone could have asked for.  On Sunday you would have been 47 years old.  I am sick at heart to know that you are not here to celebrate it with Wilma and AJ probably taking long rides on your motorcycles.   I love you and miss you from the bottom of my heart.  Give mom and dad a big hug for us.