My 60th without you

Jimi I know you are at total peace with mom and dad and by now you must be the director of the angel choir.  I wish I could hear your voice singing to me today “Happy Birthday”.  It is hard to believe that I am now amongst the wonderful age of 60.  If you were still with us you would be turning 49 what a baby.  Jim you know I think about you all of the time and I pray to you every night.  I agree with everyone who has said that this year has actually been much harder to deal with us losing you than the first year.  You are always in our hearts and thoughts.  I don’t believe a day goes by that you are not mentioned in someone’s conversation.  You left a big hole in everyone’s lives when you were taken by God.  I know he was very pleased at your accomplishments on earth especially your kindness to others and you going back to church and you opened your heart up to God.  Jimi I miss you so much it hurts and I hope someday we are together again.  I love you my sweet baby brother.

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  1. krystal

    Happy 60th Birthday Aunt Deb!
    Uncle Jimi is right by your side celebrating with you!
    And I love everything you wrote, your words were so beautiful!

  2. dcuttler0223 (Post author)

    Krystal, my words were from my heart and it is so full of words that sometimes I feel I ramble on and on.

  3. krystal

    I completely understand that! And you know what it’s ok to ramble on and on. As long as you are getting whatever you need to say out!

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