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I know that there are allot of people looking at this site but not allot of people writing on it………… Please? Write and tell us your stories, They make us smile 🙂


Motorcycle ride and B-B-Q – Updated! and again

There will be a motorcycle ride in Jimi’s honor on Saturday September 26. It will start (If you ride) at Auto Alliance (where he worked) and end at Lake Erie Metro park. There is a $4.00 entrance fee to the park and we’ll be asking for small donations. The B-B-Q/Picnic is Pot Luck so please bring a dish to pass if you can. I don’t have the times or the route yet but as soon as I do (before the end of the week), I’ll post it here.


From Terry:

Meet AAI at 11:00am with kickstands up at 11:45. Everyone else meet at the Lake Erie Metro Park at 1:00.

More to come!

Here’s the email that I sent out just in case I missed anyone (Like I’d do that)

Well, I'm sure I've missed someone......but I hope not....
Here's the scoop:
Saturday September 26th there will be a motorcycle ride and picnic in
Jimi's honor, this is being done by the Michigan Patriot Guard riders
and more specifically Terry Alvarez.
The Ride will start at the Auto Alliance plant  Vreeland Road entrance.
The west entrance which of the 2 it is the entrance that is farthest
away from the rt.75 overpass on Vreeland Road. 11:00 am staging,
Kickstands up at 11:45 am for those who ride.
The picnic will be at Lake Erie Metro park and I have reserved the "Blue
Hereon" pavilion starting at 11:00 for those who don't ride.
The address for the park is 32481 W. Jefferson Brownstown MI. 48173
(there is a $4.00 per vehicle entrance fee into the park).

The picnic is a "Bring a dish to pass" event so please do so. Willie and
I will be going to Costco and getting a bunch of burgers and dogs and
maybe some bottled water for the crowd.  If anyone wants to volunteer to
grill or to bring something extra  please respond to me and I'll make a
list and email it out.
If the weather is warm enough there is a wave pool at the park that the
kids may enjoy, other than that please feel free to bring other outdoor
things to play like volley ball, etc.....
Oh yea there may be a "Pass the hat" type donation which we plan on
donating all of the profits to the Patriot guard to disperse but it is
just a maybe at this point.
I'm sure I've forgotten things as I tend to be a bit scattered lately,
If there's info that I missed I'll re-email


Court on 8-14

Well, the two defendants didn’t file any motions by the 7th so they just went before the judge for the same things as the last court date. We did however get to meet with the prosecuting attorney and ask questions, she told us how she was going to proceed and why. She showed us how the whole process works and told us about the judge himself. So, here’s what I can pass on:

The prosecuting attorney is a no holds barred/no sugar coat kind of person and she’s been with the prosecutor’s office for 8 years.

There will more than likely will be 2 separate jury’s

The law in Michigan says that they will be charges with Murder 1 or the lesser charge of Murder 2 (The goal is Murder 1 for both defendants)

We learned more about the crime it’self but I won’t make it public over the internet.

There may be one more court date between now and the trial.

More to come…….

My Munchkin :(

I am at a loss as to what to say… I just found out about Jimmy.  My heart is breaking.  He was such a beautiful person.  He could always make me smile in school. I am sorry we lost touch.  Barb, my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.  It is so unfair.  It is not right.  It is so wrong for this to have happened to him.

Your brother had the strongest shoulders to lean on.  I am forever grateful to have known him.  I will always remember him and his smile. Goodbye Munchkin, be at peace.

Pictures again!

Family and friends, If you have pictures with Jimi in them and you want them included on the DVD I’m making please get them to me as soon as possible. I’ve started making slide shows already. Also you can request a copy of the DVD as well, send pictures and requests to:


Jimi’s friends at AAI

I’d like to thank Jimi’s friends at Auto Alliance for all of the support they have given us. I’d especially like to thank those who pass along the info to the people in the plant for us. If any of you have questions, comments or concerns please do not hesitate to call, email or post them here!


Court on 7-10-2009

Well today we learned that the trial will begin on November 2nd at 9:00 am. It will be in courtroom 703 at the Frank Murphy Hall of Justice and the judge is Judge Michael Callahan.
We also learned that the defendants have until August 7th to file any and all motions and if they file, the judge will hear those motions on August 14th.
We also learned the name of the prosecuting attorney but I can’t remember what it was and she will be meeting with the entire family to discuss the case at some point in the future. When that happens I’ll add it here as well (If I can). I’ll also add a post if there are any motions filed.


Court on 6-29-2009

If you were not able to attend, you didn’t miss anything. I was simply something to do with one of the two defendant’s probation violation. The next court date is July 10 at 8:30 am at the Frank Murphy Hall of Justice. We were told that it will be brief but we will be given the trial date, court room and Judge’s name at that time so more to come on July 10!


7th Grade McDonald’s Run-Jimi Style

I have a great story about Jimi  that most of you, if not all,  probably never heard. Jimi and I went to school together since elementary.  When we were in 7th grade Jimi came and picked me up at my house in a car, block on the accelerator and all, and we went to McDonald’s. I don’t remember what I ordered.  I think we then went to school but I have no idea how he got that car home.  It was one of my favorite adventures as a youth.  Jimi will always be remembered by me as an adventurer.  Another character trait that Jimi always possessed was his passion for life.  It didn’t matter what was going on Jimi always had that impish smile and  “wild at heart” spirit.  I will miss him and I will continue to pray for your family
Dave Pyper

Memorial Service

Tonight (June 23rd) there was a memorial service in honor of Jimi at his church “Our Lady of the Woods”.

I’d like to thank each and every person that was there to share it with us and I’d like to thank Dee especially for making it all happen.

The choir was outstanding as was the entire service.

I do hope that the choir is able to replace the missing voice and I know that they can never replace Jimi.