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Court Examination 6-22-2009

I’ll do my best to explain as short and sweet as I can and everyone can add what they know as well. Please remember this is my recollection so others may have corrections. Also please note that this is an ongoing case and I’m not trying to publish my opinions…….yet.
I will not name them on here as anything more than what the prosecutor names them, alleged murderers. I don’t want anyone stumbling across this site to think I’m publishing defamatory statements………yet…

Things that we learned today that we didn’t know:

1. Jimi’s car was not where Bob, Butch, Steve and myself thought, It appears that our detective work after the fact was incorrect.

2. The DPD Officers were much closer than we originally thought.

3. The Officers surrounded the area in an extremely fast manner and left the two with no where to go.

4. The two had parked ten to twelve blocks away and walked to where Jimi was.

5. They both confessed without coercion and their stories don’t exactly match.

6. They both had ski masks and one of them had gloves. One of them did admit to wearing a ski mask

7. They found the handgun in close proximity to (20 ft. or so) to where the two were found

8. One of them confessed to having the gun and had gun shot residue on his hand

9. It was a K-9 Officer that found them hiding under a bush in someone’s back yard (NOTE: If you knew Jimi’s love for dogs you’d see the irony in a dog finding his alleged murderers)

10. One of them admitted to just want the car to sell it to a chop shop

11. Neither of them said anything to Jimi, It appears as though (at this point) they tried the door handle on the car, found it was locked so they fired at him through the window two times

12. The prosecutor has added two charges to each of the two defendants

13. The new charges should be posted on the Wayne county Sheriff’s website tomorrow 6-23-2009
(Click on Jail Division on the left hand side, then click on Inmate Info Online, Next click the link Search Inmate information and type in the last /first of either defendant and it will give you the list of charges)

14. The next court date is June 29 at 9:00 am.  It will be at the Frank Murphy Hall of Justice and I believe that it will be where the two will be allowed to enter their plea of guilty or not guilty

This was approximately two and a half hours of really hot courtroom time to hear these things so be assured that this is only the icing and not the cake. As I said in the beginning of this post, I’ll keep it as correct as I can…..until this is all over…………Then!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyone that was there this day, please feel free to add to this either by comment or send it to me in email and I’ll add it to this post directly.



I am in the process of making a DVD of pictures, If you have any pictures that you’d like to be included just email them to me at

Comments about the pictures will help too!


P.S. Friends send your pictures too!!!


This was another day at Karate (Maison Martial Arts). Jimi and his Sensi/Nephew David were doing punches down the floor. David had some pads on his hand thinking that Uncle Jimi would break his hand by punching it. When they were by the wall David moved and instead of Uncle Jimi breaking Davids hand he dented the wall! After that Jimi took a pen and autographed the wall with his Signiture.  I think David was thinking thank you for these pads.

 Thats the story ” DANG IT, HE DENTED THE WALL!”

 God Bless Uncle Jimi! You will truley be missed!

My Motorcycle Riding Buddy

I have a lot of great memories of Jim and one of the best is remembering Jim as my motorcycle riding buddy.

For a couple of years I thought about buying a motorcycle and finally did so in October 2008. I had never ridden a bike in my life (am I the only person that ever bought a bike and had to ask the previous owner to deliver it?). What I learned about bikes leading up to that purchase came from three sources: (1) the internet, (2) my brother and (3) Jim. After looking at a few bikes and asking Jim a lot of questions (some of which I think he ran by AJ), I bought a 2006 Yamaha V Star 1100.

I took the Motorcycle Ohio safety course and rode a few times in my neighborhood. I had never ridden more than a couple of miles from home when Jim said “let’s take a ride”. We rode 50 miles that day….that was a long ride for me. Showing respect for the experienced rider, I asked Jim if he wanted to lead on the ride. He said that I could lead and he would follow. It wasn’t until after the ride that he told me he didn’t want to lead because he was worried that if we had to stop suddenly, I wouldn’t be able to stop and would ride into the back of his bike! It made a lot of sense when I thought about it. On May 3 we went on another ride….this time for 105 miles. My riding skills were much improved but he still knew better than to lead!

Jim gave me a bell (about 1 inch tall) that I hung on my bike. The tradition is that there are little road gremlins that can cause problems for bikers. The bell protects the biker from the gremlins….they get trapped in the hollow of the bell. The ringing of the bell drives them insane and they can’t cause problems for the biker. I feel pretty good knowing that I have the bell and that Jim is up above watching over as I ride.

And AJ….thanks for letting me know about this site.


What I remember is JIMI always gave great HUGS. When ever he was leaving he always made a point to shake your hand or always gave you a hug which meant he loved you.



The origin of “Uncle Papa” aka U.P.

Ok, I’ll start the stories….the rest of you please feel free to follow suit!

So, The term or nickname of Uncle Papa comes from Jimi’s daughter Megan. Jimi when speaking in the third person to Meg would call himself Papa. He would say things like “Papa’s gonna get his SHOES and his KEYS and go home now” and Meg would get up and stand by the door so Papa couldn’t leave without her. That was only if she couldn’t get the keys before he did……So when Willie and I adopted Boris, Jimi automatically became “Uncle Papa”. When I informed him of his new name he laughed and smiled…..It stuck like glue!  When he took the trips to California and Florida and back to California we changed his name to U.T.P or Uncle Travlin Papa…..

And That’s the story 🙂

Up next: the origin of Hugh Janus 🙂 (maybe)

June 22nd

The next examination is now scheduled for June 22nd at 1:30 at the 36th district court. We do not have written confirmation of this yet but we did get a phone call.

Update: We did get the official letter from the court! June 22 at 1:30

Update 2: Courtroom 539 and still at 1:30